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A private collection

Artview is presented in the context of Art Brussels.


Artview invites each year, in the context of Art Brussels, a contemporary art lover to present his works of art. Rather than an exhibition, Artview is an artistic meeting where the visitor is invited to understand the way in which the collection is made, but also what makes its consistency and uniqueness.

This year, Artview exhibits a private collection which focuses primarily on Figuration narrative, Nouveau Réalisme and European Pop Art. These three artistic trends share a sharp criticism on their current society, an attitude that forms the basis of the main outlinesof the collection.

Artview#4 reveals art from César, Christian Babou, Gérard Deschamps, Raymond Haines, Alain Jacquet, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Peter Saul, Daniel Spoerri, Hervé Télémaque, Jacques Villeglé and the Belgian Evelyne Axell.



Evelyne Axell - Ice cream 2, 1967

Oil on canvas, 100 x100 cm

Evelyne Axell painting Le joli mois de mai [1970] in her living-room [Brussels], 1970 © Private archive

Jacques Villeglé, Carrefour Algérie-Evian, 1961

Torn-and-paste on a canvas, 78 x 65 cm

Jacques Villeglé, quai d’Ivry [Ivry-sur-Seine], 1989 © François Poivret

Christian Babou, SDB bleu, 1970

Oil on canvas, 65 x 55 cm

Gérard Deschamps in his studio [France], s.d. © Private archive

Hervé Télémaque, C’est bon l’endive, 1964

Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

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